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For general questions regarding your MedSaver policy, please email us at

10 day free look period. When the initial policy is received, if you are not satisfied with the policy, you may return it to us within ten (10) days of the initial purchase date. We will cancel the policy and refund the premium in full, as long as you have not filed a claim. If you are within the 10 day period and need to cancel, contact us at and include your policy number.

To file a claim, please click here
When filing a claim, you should be prepared to describe your loss, covered practice or game, the event date(s), the date you registered and the amount you paid.

If you have questions about the claims process, please call 855.951.2329

Note: A MedSaver policy must be purchased PRIOR to a covered peril occurring.  For example, you can not attempt to purchase a policy AFTER your child suffers an injury in a covered activity and you incur out-of-pocket expens

No. The MedSaver policy provides coverage up to $5,000 limit.

Unfortunately not. In order for your child’s medical bills to be reimbursed, the injury must occur during a covered practice or game for the sport for which you bought the policy.

No, in order to have coverage for both sports you must buy a separate policy for each sport.

No, the MedSaver policy does not provide coverage for prerequisite exams or physicals. 

No, in order to receive medical expense reimbursement, the contributing injury must have occurred after the policy purchase date.

Yes, multiple claims may be filed on a single policy.  The policy coverage is tied to the start and end date of  the season.  You can be reimbursed for up to $5,000 in medical expenses for injuries occurring in a sanctioned practice or game in the season for which you bought the policy.